Sunday 29th of January 2023

ELES Project

What is ELES Project?

The Longitudinal Study Aging in Spain (ELES) is an interdisciplinary panel study created to track elderly Spanish population born before 1960, for a period of 20 years. The ageing process from a Spanish representative sample will be analysed collecting periodical information every two years.

The data collection will be done through periodical participants interviews and collecting supplementary data (blood, DNA and anthropometric measurements) on participants.

The specific ELES Project goals are:

  • To analyze evolutionary processes of persons aged 50 years and older with a multidisciplinary approaching.
  • To provide scientific evidence of the complex relationship between health, familiar biography,and work biography, emotions and other indicators of the daily life.
  • To identify critical periods in the life course in order to design preventive planning.
  • To analyze tendencies and to measure the relative contribution of several factors what affect the ageing process.
  • To have a public tool in order to get specialized information on biomedicine, economy, sociology, psychology, demography and aging epidemiology.
  • To offer good results scientific data to improve the planning of health and social policies for the ageing.

What dimensions are considered in ELES Project?

In ELES Project will be considered the following dimensions:

  • Demographic Background.
  • Psychosocial Area.
  • Health.
  • Economy.
  • Family and Social environment.